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How Does Rubber Bond to Metal?

rubber bushings

Like most problems in today’s engineering world, there are many different solutions that will work for rubber to metal bonding. Perhaps the first, and most simple, you may think of is just adhering your vulcanized rubber piece to your metal substrate using a glue. Companies like Masterbond provide one and two-part adhesives that are capable […]

Sustainability in the Rubber Industry

You may have not given it much thought, but it is difficult to go about life today without relying on some kind of rubber component to do its job. Rubber tires, gaskets, and seals all allow your car to take you to work or the grocery store. The seal on your refrigerator door ensures that […]

Physical Properties of Rubber – Basics for Beginners

Sourcing managers and buyers have to select rubber materials that meet all of their application’s requirements. Elastomers have inherent physical properties, but these properties can be enhanced through compounding with other additives and ingredients. When compounding a rubber material, it is critical to understand a rubber’s physical properties and to understand how each property is […]

What to Look for in a Rubber Supplier

Choosing a rubber supplier or manufacturer can be difficult, especially if you are not exactly sure what you are looking for. Whether you are looking to source an automotive part, industrial seal, or a natural rubber dog toy, there are many different types of rubber polymers from which rubber products can be made as well […]